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Working with the kids

Working with the kids

I have been able to work with our kids on various tasks, like building projects, cleaning projects, planting projects, and organizing projects, but until recently, that’s it.

Don’t get me wrong- those are worthy projects, but I have recently engaged in a different kind: school work.

I’m not talking about an occasional science project, or some personal thing we sort of forced to be “for school.” You know what I mean – one or more of the kids watches you work on your project while you half-heartedly talk about it.

No, this is me learning what they are learning.

Right. Try it – you will quickly see what a challenge it really is. Now, a lot of it is simply because you have been out of the flow. They are in this mode day-in and day-out. Jump in and you will immediately appreciate the hard work they put in.

Every family is different, of course, and so are educational systems and philosophies. Our family is involved in Classical Conversations, a homeschool-based group that works off the same curriculum and meets once per week. It is an amazing, nationwide classical education program established “to know God and make Him known” through education.

I have been working on memorizing the same thing my 8 year old is memorizing, and it is not easy.

Amazingly, though, my kids have been responding and as my 8-year-old quizzes me, she just lights up. She is doing so well. At first, she didn’t think she would be able to do it (understandable – not everyone does), but as I’ve worked with her and she has worked with me, her confidence has boosted tremendously.

Jump in, dad. Just do your best. Drop the pride and show them that even though you may not get it all, you want to learn, and will do it with them.

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