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Welcoming = Constant Hospitality

welcoming is constant hospitality

Yesterday after work I asked my teenage son how his afternoon went. He said, “I had fun with my little sister.”

I welled up…

I had to think about it for a little while, but here’s my reason for the sudden surge of emotion: they welcome each other.

I believe that the relationships my kids have with one another now will carry on into their adult years. If they grow up as friends, it will be more likely that they will be friends later in life. The roles that they play with each other now will define what kind of roles they will tend to play later.

Due to my busy-ness, I feel as if I have been absent for much of their life. It’s a humbling thought, but I am so grateful that, thanks largely to my wife – and God’s grace, they have learned to play well together.

I know what you might be thinking. Of course they are not perfect. Of course they get angry and manipulate. (If we’re honest, so do we!) Still, I can see changes.

Welcoming is like constant hospitality.

This response of my son made me want to be like him (when I grow up).

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