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What if the thing you are trying to communicate to your child is too high for them to reach? You have this message you want to deliver, but even if it seems like a simple message, the mailbox is just too high for them to open.

Alongside my wife, I have been working with my daughter on her memory work for school. We have been trying to help her find good ways to remember things and some of our suggestions have flopped. We’ve been trying to help her connect the question to the answer through motions or songs or mental images, but only a few of our¬†ideas have been really delivered. We want to take the mail out of the mailbox and hand it to her, but somehow the message still doesn’t get there until she finds a connection that works for her.

She has to want the mail.

When she wants to know it, she will get a ladder, or stand on her tiptoes, or find another way to open the mailbox and discover this mail on her own.

They love to go get the real mail, and will go get it for us gladly. But it’s hard to help them learn the joy of learning.

I am finding that this is one thing that must be caught, not taught.

Now, if you think you have to be outgoing to do this you should reconsider. Though it might be easy to feel this way, you don’t have to try and change your personality to help them see your enthusiasm about learning.

I do suggest that you do things that you enjoy, to rekindle your joy. You may be in a job you don’t enjoy, or under other circumstances you don’t enjoy. You may be doing things you used to enjoy but no longer do (if you’re being honest), so find something simple you feel you would really enjoy, talk you your wife, and do it. Seek the Lord with all your heart. Pray for health and healing in your soul, and believe in Him to finish the work He began in you.

In part, I say all this because this was me. I really was so busy, I did not realize how bitter I was becoming.

Guess what that did to my joy? Yeah, it replaced it.

What did I do?

I faked it.

I hid.

As you seek the Lord, you will find a kind of healing you could not produce on your own. That is when peace leads to joy. That is when life leads to liberty. That is when children catch the fire.

At times, I still find seeds of bitterness leading to anger and resentment. My family sees it immediately, even if I think I am hiding it well.

Give it up, dad. Stop hiding.  Confess, be restored, and enjoy the kind of life God promises when we submit to Him. The fruit of the Spirit is real.

Having said all that, keep engaging your kids. Keep working on delivering the mail, and letting yourself grow into a love of learning, marked by joy and peace. The question is, do you want the mail? If you don’t pursue wisdom and knowledge (just read Proverbs), why do you expect them to?

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