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A Walk Under the Trees

a walk under the trees

My 8-year-old had a bad dream last night. She likes to come into our room when this happens and we had made a deal that she could not start off the night in our bedroom but in her bed (with her sister), and come in if she needed to.

So she comes in last night and ends up snuggling with my wife. The trouble was (apparently) she chose to stay afraid instead of being comforted. I got up not too long after as I had decided I wanted to take a walk in the morning. (I am trying to get into the habit of having some quiet thinking / meditation time.)

We decided that she would come with me this morning. We just held hands and walked slow. I had planned to listen to a book called “Total Truth,” but decided since she was with me I could just talk about it. I asked her some questions and we had a nice conversation. Since the book is largely about worldview, I asked if she wanted to learn to see God in everything – to see the characteristics of the Creator in His creation.

As we walked under the trees, I was reminded of Psalm 1 and mentioned it. I don’t know really what she was thinking about, but I asked if she wanted to be like a tree – the kind that sends its roots out by the stream and never withers. Kind of dreamily, she said, “Yeah.” She may have thought about turning in to a tree, though it didn’t seem like it. The thought struck me, though.

How about me? How often do I choose the parched land instead of the running stream? How often do I choose fear over the comfort God gives by His Spirit?

I had to give up what I wanted, but God used this 8-year-old kind of conversation to teach me a little something…and I had to give up my agenda (walking alone, listening to a book) to hear it.

Here are a couple good heart lessons for me:
1) Sometimes giving up what I want is best
2) Choosing to stay afraid instead of being comforted is not like a tree planted by streams of water. It is choosing drought. It is choosing to shrivel.

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